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Personal Assistant

The fundamental purpose of the personal assistant system is to empower individuals with disabilities or neurodiversity to realize their full potential as valuable members of society.

Our Personal Assistance Service is customized to maintain and encourage individuality and independence. Personal Assistance Services (PAS) provide help to a person with a disability to do tasks that he or she would normally do if there was no disability. 

We bear in mind the nature of the disability, age, gender, and other cultural needs of an individual while helping families and caregivers connect with the ideal Personal Assistant (PA) from our highly skilled workforce to match support with the specific unique needs of a person.

Our experienced and dedicated PAs excel at empowering individuals to achieve their unique goals, take control of their lives, and live independently. They are constantly supervised and adapt to diverse needs, locations, and schedules - whether it involves supporting clients at home, in the community, during travel, or at work.

Our role here is to support you in living according to your personal preferences and choices.


Contact us to plan this together.


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