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Adult Enrichment Services 

AES aims to make the lives of individuals with learning and other difficulties more equitable, safe, sustainable, and inclusive. We dream of dignity and independence for all and believe that our unique differences make the earth a better place to live in.  We are committed to raising awareness about the rights of individuals with disabilities within and outside communities.


Founded in 2014, AES delivers Independent Living skills with integrity, sincerity, and compassion so that every individual we serve can realize their dreams and aspirations and explore their unique and true potential in their own life situations. We have a dedicated, hardworking and sensitive team of professionals that currently services 70+ clients with diverse needs.

Our approach is democratized and customized to enrich the lives of individuals with learning and other difficulties consistently and genuinely. We integrate the principles of building strong community connections into our training and service delivery to ensure that individuals with disabilities feel a true sense of belonging and are not just supported but also fully included and valued within their communities.


We also support individuals with the requisite tools and resources to become productive and contributing members of society, in a manner that best suits their needs and preferences.


Want to know more about our services? 

We believe we can build a world where adults with different intellectual abilities not only belong but thrive.

Our Mission

Empowering lives with personalized care, providing independent living, supported living, and personal assistance services to enhance the quality of life for adults with ambulatory and non-ambulatory cerebral palsy and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Our Vision

We are committed to enhancing their quality of life through innovative programs and unwavering support by fostering inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and creating opportunities for personal growth.

Together, we aspire to break down barriers, redefine possibilities and build a community where every individual, regardless of ability, is valued, respected, and inspired to lead a fulfilling life of purpose and joy.

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