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Independent Living Services (ILS)

To control and direct your own life by taking responsibility for your own actions is independent living. The skills that one needs to perform activities of daily living are called independent living skills. They can vary from simple skills to enable eating, cleaning and personal hygiene to complex financial structuring and budgeting. We offer services that assist you so that you can live as independent a life as you choose.

Our Independent Living Services (ILS) are designed to provide customized support to adults with developmental disabilities, enabling them to achieve and maintain independent living in the community.

Our approach goes beyond the standard one-size-fits-all model, focusing on tailored training plans that address each individual's unique needs and goals.

Key areas of our ILS include::

1.     Skill Enhancement

Our programs help individuals develop new skills, enhance existing ones, and maintain the abilities necessary for independent living within the community. 

2.     Progress Tracking and Record-keeping

We meticulously track each individual's progress, maintaining detailed records of their achievements and challenges. This information allows us to offer personalized solutions, monitor advancement, and address obstacles effectively, ensuring timely interventions when needed.

Our case workers are committed to continuous improvement, regularly updating their practices and tools to deliver the highest quality of care.

If you require further information about our Independent Living Services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are just a phone call away. Call  510-938-5287 to help us help you today!

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