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Spooktacular Adventures!

Our favorite time of the year is taking the Halloween festivities to a whole new level. This year, it involved more pumpkins, scares, and laughs than you can shake a broomstick at!

Picture this: a farm, bathed in the warm glow of pumpkins, with the crisp autumn breeze carrying the scent of hay and excitement. Our superheroes of the day? The amazing folks we serve at AES, who are turning the typical Halloween shenanigans upside down by giving us an unforgettable, spooktacular day out!

Wether it's using adapted carving tools or good ol' fashioned creativity, everyone gets a chance to turn their pumpkin into a masterpiece. Move over, Van Gogh—our crew is bringing the pumpkin patch to life!

This Halloween, AES not just celebrated the spooky season; we created memories, fostered joy, and proved that the farm is where the heart—and the hauntingly good times—are.

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Happy halloween!

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